Help Wanted

We are looking into expanding the team. The areas where you can help is :

  • Documentation: having a documentation written at a good level is important to expand the reach and understanding of the project.
  • Translations: having documentation translated into local languages is very important. The spanish forum is the proof. If you want to translate the docs and website in your language get in touch.
  • Code: if you can code in Java or C there are opportunities for adding features or helping with bugfixes. You'll get a very deep understanding of arduino and become part of the core team.
  • Internship: Massimo is working on a number of commercial projects in Milano, Italy where he is using arduino to build exhibitions, installations and more. He is exploring the possibility of offering internships where by working on these projects you'll gain a deep knowledge of Arduino and get to work with yet unreleased arduino platforms.

If you want to help contact team [at] arduino [dot] cc

get in touch!!